Completion of the strategic plan within 9 months .. New Sphinx joins the latest 4G smart cities

Completion of the strategic plan within 9 months .. New Sphinx joins the latest 4G smart cities
Eng. Abdulmutallab Mamdouh, Vice-President of the New Urban Communities Development and Development Authority, in the presence of the leaders of the urban communities and a number of businessmen and artists inaugurated the headquarters of the new Sphinx Hotel in Kilo 55 Cairo Alexandria Desert Road «Sulaymaniyah Resort».

The Vice-Chairman of the Commission said in statements to Al-Ahram that the area of ​​the city is 60 thousand feddans and this area is large as it is up to 6 times the city of Sheikh Zayed, and is currently lifting the area of ​​the status of the city, which includes various agricultural and residential entities, The city's strategic plan for 9 months, after which a budget is set for the city and the implementation of various facilities, roads and constructions will begin. The city will be one of the smart 4th generation cities.

He explained that the city applies the criteria of sustainable development and enjoys a privileged position as a result of its proximity to Sphinx International Airport, which is the latest airports inside Egypt. It was recently opened and operated for internal and external flights. It is also located on the Cairo-Alexandria Desert Road, which ends at the Grand Museum. Proximity to the pyramids of Giza, which gives it advantages to establish large tourism and entertainment projects.

Engineer Noor Ismail, head of the new Sphinx Development Authority, said that he received 3,648 applications from owners of land ownership documents within the city. He also received 300 applications to complete the "hand-rationing" procedures in accordance with Law No. 144 of 2017 during the period from October 7, 2018 until 27 January 2019.
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