Head of the City of Sphinx to Al-Ahram: Tourism, residential and recreational projects in the city at a world level

Head of the City of Sphinx to Al-Ahram: Tourism, residential and recreational projects in the city at a world level
In March, President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi issued a decree to establish the new Sphinx City on an area of ​​31952 feddans on the first Egypt-Alexandria Desert Road as the fourth largest city in the framework of the new cities that were inaugurated under the President. Another decree was issued to increase the city's area to 59417 acres .
It is expected that this city will be a large tourist and economic interface, although it includes all the residential and commercial activities .. It is also close to the pyramids and the new Egyptian Museum In an attempt to identify the details of the city and its general plan, Al-Ahram had this dialogue with Eng. Head of the city apparatus
What exactly is the city of Sphinx?
The eastern boundary of the city is the new Sphinx International Airport which was opened last month. The northern border is Faysal of 55 km by the Egyptian desert road, the western border is the city of Sheikh Zayed from the south, the northern border is the city of Sulaymaniyah and part of the European countryside.
When will the city's lift increase?
The lifting of the area of ​​a large part of the city, including about 31 thousand feddans, which is in the residential entities already established, where they are reviewed according to the conditions and controls that will be developed according to the general strategic plan in terms of external borders and is now raising the area of ​​the rest of the city after increasing the area in implementation of the recent Republican Decree , And God willing, Sphinx will be the city of the future.
How many applicants have qualified to date?
So far, we have received more than 4000 requests from landowners and owners by hand placement and are now being studied by specialized committees with all care and attention.
What are the most important projects to be built in the new city?
According to the general plan, the city includes giant residential projects as well as tourist, recreational, commercial and agricultural, including all the elements that make it distinctive in terms of the location directly near the new Sphinx Airport and the large museum and tourist area in the pyramids as well as religious tourism near Wadi Al-Natroun.
  Will the land offer be limited to Egyptian investors or to Egyptians and foreigners?
The land space is available to all investors and for all residential, commercial, tourism and educational purposes according to the strategic plan of the city, and we seek to attract all investors in various fields.
What is meant by the city of the fourth generation cities?
This means that it depends on modern technology and sustainable development to take into account the clean environment, electric and water networks and ways of connecting the facilities in full with the latest international standards of communication means and the entry of technology in all walks of life.
Is it the responsibility of the real estate developer or the actual owners?
We are dealing with the large entity (real estate developer), which prepares and submits the status quo and the perception of the rest of the area and then a ministerial decision is adopted to adopt this plan already existing in accordance with the controls contained in the general strategic plan of the city.
Have land prices been determined for this city?
This move is premature, after the cost of the main facilities has been examined and the needs of the nascent city which I expect to be the new capital of Giza Governorate are determined.
Spending on New City Giant Are you from the state budget or are there other resources?
In accordance with Article 6 of the Presidential Decree No. 61 of 2019, the Prime Minister, upon the proposal of the Minister of Housing, Utilities and New Urban Communities, will issue a decision on the rules for the collection of State dues and the regulation of the distribution of proceeds arising from the application of this decision. Outside the city limits to contribute to the acceleration of development work within the city if possible.
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