louliet sonbol

louliet sonbol

The project of Pearl Sennel is located on the Cairo-Alexandria Desert Road, Kilo 52, behind the village of Snappal for theatrical arts and Rabwa El Fanani, where the villas and farms of many artists and the percentage of salinity of water allows to grow all crops

Various areas, different prices and payment systems

Company Features:


1- The company has a legal entity through which to manage the project


2- The company has been working in the field of agricultural land reclamation for 12 years


3 - the ground level and full reclamation and the road was broken, which can receive the land immediately and immediate implementation


4 - The existence of the old contributors of them who cultivated the land and land currently produced and there are 1 wells for every 50 acres


5 - The land is currently planted entirely banana


6. The company provides security and guarding


7. The company has an agricultural services company that manages the land as an agricultural developer


8 - There is no requirement of full - time project and cultivation or experience in agriculture


9 - estimated to participate in the project with the least potential as the areas start from an acre
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