How to Build a Rabbit Farm

How to Build a Rabbit Farm
The process of establishing the rabbit farm involves many stages, beginning with the intellectual stage, then the education stage and gaining experience. This is done by forming a general idea of ​​the rabbits and how to raise them and deal with them, ie the theoretical stage, and then start the actual practical stage of creation, acquisition, education, care and production.

Phase I (Intellectual)
- The idea of ​​establishing a rabbit farm and breeding as a result of the desire of the individual to enter into the field of breeding and that desire is intensified by the impact of the impulse to form that idea - watching a successful jam and rabbits of a healthy level and high production or watching programs or attend seminars or read bulletins all this To the desire to breed rabbits.

- To achieve this desire successfully, the next stage should be completed properly so as to get more reading about this area and ask the faithful educators and visit more farms and resorting to the specialists working in the field of rabbits Quotbsa of their knowledge, taking advantage of their experience to implement their guidance, due to them in all obstacles To remove them.

Phase II (Education and Experience)

- Must have the most knowledge and experience in the field of breeding rabbits, what are rabbits (nature of life - systems of shelter - how to feed and care - Reproductive operations - How to deal with the output from the first weaning and until the age of sale - the food needs of rabbits - Treatment of various diseases and immunizations and their timing).

- It is worth mentioning that the work of the rabbit farms needs a sensitive sense and experience to the accuracy of the work of rabbits and their needs to a calm atmosphere and regular temperatures and rabbits before entering this field to qualify himself to know that the daily follow-up and taking the right decision in a timely manner, raising rabbits ..

Phase III (Practical Phase)

1. Establishment of the farm:
- The size of the farm depends on the number of rabbits to be raised or the size of the capital invested in the education project. If the breeder wants to raise a limited number of mothers enough room or barn to put the batteries of rabbits, which is determined by three square meters for each battery four eyes.
- The place of the farm should be far from the well-ventilated and well-lit source of protection to protect the rabbits from natural enemies such as predators and mice. It is easy to ventilate in the winter months. In the case of large farms, the upper rib of the farm is vertically on the sea side with windows that open up and down. Floors are easy to remove waste.

2. Economic aspects (capital):
- The educator thinks about the quality and size of the project which is commensurate with his ability to care and follow up and within the available capital, taking into consideration that the economic size of the rabbit project is 50 or 10 males.

- In addition to the places of production and this needs to capital up to 25 thousand pounds may be the size of the project to several sections have management and employment and technical supervision.

3 - Supplies and supplies:
(A) Batteries:
It is the proper basis for the breeding of rabbits. Although there is a great deal of jurisprudence, it has been proved that the proper way to raise rabbits is to be in batteries (each female in a separate eye) so that they can be cared for and followed up individually. The battery consists of cages in each cage with several eyes, Nobility) and maternity homes for mothers + water tank. Batteries are either flat, pyramidal or semi-pyramidal, and the shape of the battery determines its suitability for the place where it will be placed.
(B) Relatives:

These should be provided before the rabbits are purchased and must be from a reliable source, such as lactating, fattening or preservative, each of which is in an age or productive stage suitable to the condition of the rabbit.

Tools should be provided for the distribution of the ranch by size, such as distribution carts within the stalls or the stalls.
(C) Waste removal tools:
It is to clean the farm and remove the waste and remove it outside the farm and this varies according to the nature of the place and its area.
(D) Medicines and disinfectants:
Essential medicines should be provided for the treatment of diarrhea, anticoagulants and other diseases, as well as vitamins, mineral salts and immunizations such as the vaccine for blood poisoning as well as the provision of disinfectants.

(E) Rice straw, sawdust and some empty balls:
The need for a mattress for the birth home and changing the mattress under production or coverage of maternity homes in the case of cold weather.

4 - Types of rabbits:
There are many international breeds, including Meerbie, for the purpose of obtaining meat, including breeding for the purpose of obtaining fur or both, and the breeder can choose what suits his or her desire, market needs and the purpose of education.

- Age of rabbits:
The breeder buys rabbits aged 2-3 months in March and April or five months in July and August to start vaccinating in August or September - the appropriate breeding season under the Egyptian conditions during the period from September to June and then the breeding stops in months Summer for high temperature.
How to Build a Rabbit Farm
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