28 نصيحة في تربية الارانب

28 نصيحة في تربية الارانب
The rabbits breeding project is one of the profitable projects and it has many advantages to make it a special market for consumers and these characteristics are a rich source of proteins and is easy to digest, which many people to raise, so it is one of the profitable projects ...

In this article we will present 28 tips for the success of the rabbit breeding project.
To ensure the success of this project must be selected strain and characteristics of the good strain: strong immunity to prevent diseases and the high number of births and motherhood good for the care of births and high fertility and the strains of rabbits: New Zealand and Chinchla, Boscat,

Male male half of the project .. The selection of males has a larger age and heavier than females to be able to fertilize and fertilize, where the male is placed for every eight females for intensive production, or male for every ten females is the traditional production, taking care not to use the male more than once a day or twice at necessity. The testicles must be examined where they must be identical, two joints, two crucifixes and a spongy touch. We exclude the male who has two small testicles, or has one testicle inside the cavity and another outside the body, and did not descend into the scrotum. And the pressure on the sides of the testicles to highlight the penis, and if any defects or abnormalities should be observed must be excluded, also rule out lazy rabbits, and poisonous, and inactive.

The choice of female or mother is one of the most important factors for the success of the project. The female must have eight to ten nipples in full formation, and the phenomenon of the bones of the basin wide, and the elongation of the body and the regularity of the composition so as not to have problems in abortion, and obstetrics and to be non-fat, Her body shows any fatty deposits. And be free from deformities, diseases and any good health. Also be of an external shape conforming to the specifications.

It is important to know that the reproduction processes are considered rabbits of modern animals ovulation, which multiply through the cycle of estrangement, which is done by raising the female for 10 hours, and then the vaccination in the period of 4 to 6 days.

There are some conditions for the process of ovulation, including the age of the female, where it should be up to 6 months, and the weight of which should be 3.5 kg, so the jam examination of females before the completion of the vaccination, to check the state of health, and free from many diseases, Ulcers, thinness, etc., and vaccination is usually done in your cage mentioning, as it takes three minutes. The female's sitting at the corner of the cage indicates her rejection of the repair and the need to stop it. It is then transferred to another male or injected with vitamin E at a rate of 0.5 cm 3 under the skin.

The vaccination is done during the morning or evening, to avoid the high temperature that reduces sexual desire, and it is advised to avoid placing the males in the cage after the vaccination meal, because it is in a state of inactivity.

There are several ways to make sure that pregnancy occurs, the most important of which is: the test of the body that takes place after 10 days or 14 days of the vaccination process, where the embryos in the uterus are felt through the abdominal wall sensitivity from the outside, by putting the hand down Abdominal area and then pass the fingers of the hand on the sides and squeeze it gently, and advised to do this scientific after 14 days of recharging, to avoid the death and damage of embryos.

Is there a false pregnancy in rabbits !! After the examination has been made and the breeder is sure to have a pregnancy but it is surprising that it is not true. False pregnancy is a female infertility, which causes it to equip itself by plucking its body hair, and processing the place of birth, but it turns out to be a false pregnancy after 16 days, so it is usually re-vaccinated again directly.

The period of carrying rabbits lasts for 31 days, and may pass through late delivery. The pregnancy lasts for 35 days, or early delivery, and is given after 29 days of vaccination.

The delivery boxes are prepared four days ahead of schedule, where they are sprinkled with rice straw or sawdust, then the mother builds a part of her body hair and puts it over the bedding material and this is one of the good signs of motherhood.

The female gives birth without the sense of the breeder and the place should be calm and not disturb the absence of problems in childbirth such as predatory children. The mother gives birth to one after the other. Genes then take off the embryos and attach them to their drying fluids and blood. This stimulates blood circulation in their bodies, promotes defecation to dispose of fluids in the intestines, feeds their offspring and gives birth to the other. All of them, then remove a little of her body hair, and cover the body of her young.

Of the operations carried out by the breeder after the birth of the fetus examination carefully and carefully, by closing the hole between the birth fund and the mother's stump, where he gets rid of the remnants of childbirth, mutilated fetuses, and dead, and then examine the mother, and nipples to ensure that the ability to feed their young, Count the dead young, deformed, and live.

If the mother has a death or birth of more than 8 young people or a disease that makes her unable to breastfeed such as mastitis or small age of the mother must resort to the phenomenon of adoption is the transfer of children to another mother to breastfeed, but there are several qualities in adoptive mother such as: Which has given birth to at least 6 young people, where her nose is massaged with camphor oil or flannel to neutralize the sense of smell, to ensure that it is not rejected by the young, preferably during the first week of birth so that the milk in the mother's milk is not less.

The mother breastfeeds her children once after 24 hours, feeding them in the morning, or after midnight at the equivalent of 3 minutes. The female produces 30 to 50 grams of milk in the first two days after birth, and the amount of milk increases over time. , It becomes 200 grams, and may reach 500 grams, it must be noted that milk
28 نصيحة في تربية الارانب
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