raising rabbits

raising rabbits
Rabbits are one of the types of animals that are classified from the mammalian family, which are characterized by the long ears that indicate the strength of the hearing that possessed and body, which is thick fur thick and short tail and different rabbits in color and shapes from each other, including black and white and gray as there are some rabbits Which has patches of color above it and others dotted.

One of the most important observations on rabbits is that their hind legs are longer than their front legs and this helps in their ability to jump as the rabbits have the ability to jump to 30 kilometers per hour if they feel the danger and through the front menus of the rabbit they can maintain their balance as rabbits are characterized as well The cutting teeth, which are located in front of the jaw, which enable them to cut fruits and vegetables and rabbits have a sense of power to predict the danger when coming.

Rabbits give birth many times during the year and are characterized by a short gestation period ranging from 28 to 34 days and rabbits at each birth between 3 to 12 rabbits and can be up to 20 rabbits so it always beats by example in breeding and is known Small rabbits, called the coyote, are initially blind and without hair, so the mother digs her fur to warm it, and the babies initially feed on breast milk that helps them grow.

The right way to breed rabbits

That the habit of breeding rabbits began during the Middle Ages to Europe, but did not take this space and fame only in the present era and there are many purposes for breeding rabbits, there are raised for the production of meat and there are others that is raised for wool and some are raised as experimental animals to test on her.

 Rabbit breeding methods

There are many ways in which rabbits are raised, such as:

Farm farms breeding traditional rabbits and family farms are directed to the family that is breeding and is not intended to raise the sale and profit and says the techniques in these farms less intensive.

The standard farms for breeding rabbits are fairly large and are inside the roof cages have nets and there are techniques for breeding through artificial insemination and the rings and the role of production is short for this is very exciting.

 Rabbit breeding in houses Many resort to this method because the rabbits are the depositary Muslim creatures that do not hurt as they eat simple as they feed on the islands and grasses as it is relatively small in size and does not occupy a large space in the place and it is a favorite of many people .

And rabbits are creatures that match the example of the process of reproduction, so many love to be raised as well as benefit from the role of the birth of short and the number of rabbits that many of the birth.

Rabbit Breeding Project

The rabbits breeding project is one of the successful projects that generate a lot of money in a short time. It is one of the investment and economic projects that have spread very widely in the past. This is because rabbits are characterized by many advantages such as abundance in production and rapid reproduction and growth as quickly as Is not available in many other animals, and this animal has a direct postpartum pregnancy feature, which reflects the ability to produce abundant and increase the number of births.

As well as the rabbit meat has many of the features and benefits of food too many, the most important ease of digestion is also not only take advantage of rabbit meat, but is taking advantage of many other things such as organic fertilizer and fur.

In temperate areas, however, rabbits do not require complex equipment. In areas characterized by hot weather or cold weather, rabbits are raised in their own dwellings that are closed or semi-enclosed so that the production is obtained continuously throughout General

Steps to raise rabbits

There are a number of steps that must pass through the process of raising rabbits until the breeding is properly and until the desired production is obtained and the most important of these steps:

 Election of the rabbit

There are some qualities that must be available in the rabbit to be raised, such as not to exceed the age of six months and make sure not to be infected with any kind of diseases and be highly active fast-moving eye net and clean and shiny and must be one of the strains known and have a close life You should also make sure that the rabbits selected have a healthy nose and under the chin free from any type of cough, scabies or lethargy.

It should also be ensured that the genitals of the selected rabbits are free from any type of infection and if the rabbits are raised for the purpose of meat must be sure that it is a fast-growing large size.

If rabbit rabbits are for the purpose of fur and hair, then rabbits should be selected from the breeds that specialize in this, which has a desirable fur. The rabbits should be uniform in color, characterized by cleanliness, durability, density, rapid growth and smoothness.

The aim of breeding rabbits

Before starting a rabbit breeding farm, the target for which rabbits will be raised should be defined as the target varies:

Breeding rabbits for fur and hair.
Breeding mothers.
Breeding rabbits for fur and meat together.
Breeding rabbits in order to participate in exhibitions.
raising rabbits
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